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Welcome to my Photo Album.
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Jan 22 Saffi and Blue playing in the pool.
Jan 22 Saffi fetching her ball
Jan 22. Letís play tug
Jan 22. Blue
Mar 22 Blue being respectful to his Uncle Devil
May22 Saffi and her son Argos at a show together.
June 22 Saffi, just posing
June 22 A storm approaching. Blue doesnít care.
June 22. Blue
June 22. Red Cliffs. Saffi after winning Australian Bred in Group.
Aug 22 Blue after winning Intermediate in Show at Kelpie Show with Sister Tilly Runner Up.
Aug22 Saffi after winning Runner Up Challenge Bitch at the AKCV 30th Annual Champ Show.
Aug22 Saffi being judged at AKCV 30th Annual Champ Show
Blue, who sired his first litter in late 2022.
Aug22 Parents of the upcoming Starlight litter.
Oct22 The Starlight litter arrived safely.
Nov 22 some of the Starlight Litter
Nov22 The Starlight litter deciding whether or not to brave the water in the pool
Jan 23. Beautiful Saffi having fun at the beach
Feb 23 Blue, loves to pose.
Mar 23 Blue in the air, still learning to catch a ball.
June23. Saffi met 3 of her puppies at the AKCV Fun day.
Jun23. Saffi and Blue waiting for the ball to be thrown
May 23 Saffi at the park
June23 Blue and his father Sagan competing.
Aug23. Blue competing at the Kelpie Show.
Aug23 Blue
December 23. Birthday celebration
Jan24. Lovely Saffi strutting her stuff
Jan23 Saffi in group lineup at show
Feb24 Blue rocking the jumps
April24 Family catch up. Delta, Saffiís daughter, Norrie, Blues daughter, Saffi & Blue


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