Photos 2014 - 2017

Welcome to my Photo Album.
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January 2014. Kari taking time out
March 2014 Kosi rocking the suns rays
April 2014. Kari with her two besties
May 2014. Kari showing she is not too old to be a star. Aus Bred in Group at Colac.
May 2014. Kosi enjoys life's little luxuries .
June 2014. Ooh! Is that our Dad coming home?
June 2014 Kusco Daredevil RN. Kosi's gorgeous brother.
July 2014. Having fun with photos of Kosi and Kari.
August 2014 Ch Kusco Blinkndare Topaz, Kari's daughter. Owned by Sharon Morris.
Aug 2014 Visiting Kari's grandchildren Jader and Minty and their owners Sharon and Nelda.
Aug 2014. Visiting Topaz
Aug 2014 Kari being Kari
Aug 2014. Kari having a roll in the dunes after that swim
Aug 2014. My handsome Kosi being a poser.
Aug 14 Kari getting a run out for BIG.
Sept 14 Kari at Culcairn. Photo by Your World Photography
Sept 14. Kari after winning Ch Bitch and Runner Up Best of Breed at the Royal Melbourne Show
Sept 14 Kari Royal Melbourne Show
Oct 14. Kosi doing agility training
Nov 14. Kari at Albury. Photo by Your World Photography
Nov 14 Kari. I had no idea this photo was being taken but she did. Photo by Your World Photography.
Kari with her fringey won at Bermagui Feb 15
Feb 2015. Kari on seat with Michael and one of her sons Kusco Daredevil RN.
Feb 2015. Kari and Kosi having fun.
Displaying the sashes won at the Australian Kelpie Club of Victoria Show. May 15
Autumn day walk
Kosi enjoying a walk in the country May15
Kari winning Veteran Sweepstakes in June 15

Kari with sash for Veteran Sweepstakes June 15
Kari concentrating at obedience. June15
July 15 Kari after winning Veteran Sweepstakes at Gilgandra.
July 15 In the ring at Murwillumbah.
July 15. On the beach with Di and her girls after a show.
July 15 in the ring at Kempsey.
July 15 About to win Veteran Sweepstakes again at Kempsey.
July 15. After winning Veteran Sweepstakes again at Kempsey.
August 15. Kari won Neuter in Group at Lillydale Show.
August 15. We had a couple of days at a farm. Kari and Kosi had a great time.
August 15 Kari and Kosi at the farm
August 15. Kari and Kosi. The wild ones!
August 15. After winning Neuter in Group at Yea and District KC Show.
August 15 After winning Neuter in Group at Yea and District 2nd show
September 15. Best Neuter in Group at Maryborough.
September 15. Kari went on to win Neuter in Show at Marybotough.
October 2015 Kari Neuter in Group at Euroa
October 2015 Kari Neuter in Group
December 2015 Kari Neuter in Group Kilmore
December 2015 Kari Neuter in Group KCC Park
December 2015 Handsome Kosi looking like a red Kelpie in the sunlight.
May 2016. Fun at the farm with Kosi and Kari
June 16 Kari Neuter in Group at Cranbourne Dog Club Show
Kosi, the star of the Rover Lawn Mower TV ads June 2016.
Kosi, the Rover Lawn Mower dog June 2016
June 2016. Kosi messing around while filming the Rover ad.
Kari having fun November 2016
Kari. Neuter in Group and RU Neuter in Show at Yarra Valley KC Show Dec 16
May 2017 Welcome to Callicoma Kuba Spice, a bundle of bright eyes and mischief.
Kuba 10 weeks old
June 17. Kuba at her first show. 14 weeks old.
September 17. Kuba after winning Baby Puppy in Group
November 17. Kuba, growing up fast
November 17. Kuba after winning Puppy in Group at Daylesford.
December 17. Kuba


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