Photos Nov 2010-2013

Welcome to the photo blog of the November 2010 litter.
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2010. Grand Champion Tegoura Blinky Bill. Sire of the upcoming litter.
Ch Morkerbook Blazen Dare (Kari)and her son Kosi when she was 5 weeks pregnant on 2/11/10
" I'm not fat, just pregnant. Why won't they feed me?" Kari 15/11/10
Kari and her newborn puppies enjoying a rest. 28/11/10
Kari and puppies 29/11/10
5/12/10 Puppies 1 week old.
Growing fast.
12/12/10 2 of the BlinknDare litter enjoying a meal @ 2 weeks of age.
12/12/10 "I love you Mum".
12/12/10 Who said 2 week old pups can't stand up?
12/12/10 "We can walk a little bit too".
19/12/10 Andrew and puppy @ 3 weeks and 2kg
Nikita and puppies @ 3 weeks of age.
Nikita and puppies @ 3 weeks of age
Kari and her son Kosi enjoying the sunshine 28/12/2010
28/12/10 Puppy @ 4 weeks of age learning to play ball
"Come on, give me a break" Kari trying to enjoy some time out in the garden
28/12/10 Yellow puppy
28/12/10 Kari with Yellow puppy.
7/1/11 Green puppy, first with her ears up and enjoying her first dip.
7/1/11 Green puppy playing with her toy.
7/1/11 Yellow puppy on the right with one of her sisters
8/11/10 Puppies personal climbing frame - Kari
8/11/11 Purple & Green puppy
15/1/11 Green Puppy
21/1/11 Kari with Kusco BlinknDare Koko
21/1/11 Kusco BlinknDare Koko.
21/1/11 Purple puppy with Kari
21/1/11 Yellow puppy about to take a dip.
21/1/11 Kari dispensing motherly advice
21/1/11 Kari and puppies
21/1/11 Kari and puppies
21/1/11 We've got a new toy!
22/1/11 Kari and 2 of her puppies @ 8 weeks of age.
22/1/11 Kari and puppies @ 8 weeks
22/1/11 Purple puppy
22/1/11 Puppies playing.
29/1/11 Koko in her new garden in Darwin
27/1/11 Kari at the beach
29/1/11 Koko and friend in her new home.
29/1/11 Sharon with Kusco BlinknDare Daizi & Kusco BlinknDare Topaz
29/1/11 Kusco BlinknDare Topaz. " A showgirl in the making"
29/1/11 Kusco BlinknDare Topaz with her new family
30/1/11 Kusco BlinknDare Daizi with her new family
6/2/11 Ch Kusco Daretobe Kosi with his best friend and handler Danielle
6/2/11 Kosi, just posing.
6/2/11 Kosi in the showring.
25/2/11 Kusco BlinknDare Daizi with her new 'Dad'
25/2/11 Daizi - What a pretty girl.
28/2/11 Kusco BlinknDare Topaz @ 3 months of age.
6/3/11 Kusco BlinknDare Koko all settled in with her new family in Darwin
26/3/11 Kusco Blinkndare Topaz @ 4 months after winning Baby Puppy in open Show, Gladstone Qld. Photo by Naomi Morris
Kusco Blinkndare Daizi June 2010
Kari and Kosi in Broken Hill July 2011
2011 Kosi at Broken Hill
September 2011. Visiting Kusco Blinkndare Topaz - Puppy in Group 10/9/11
Sept 2011 Kosi having a herding lesson
Sept 2011 Kosi having a herding lesson
Oct 2011 Ch. Morkerbook Blazen Dare (kari)after winning Best of Breed at the Hobart Royal Show.
December 2011 Kosi enjoying a walk with his friends.
2011. Kusco Daretobe Red.
January 2012 Newly titled - Grand Ch Morkerbook Blazen Dare (Kari)
February 2012 Kari and Kosi
February 2012 Kosi.
March 2012 Kosi at a show
March 2012 Kosi
May 2012. Kosi strutting his stuff at Cootamundra. Photo by SK Photography
May 2012. Kari at Cootamundra.
June 2012 With Kosi at Bendigo
June 2012 Kari at Bendigo
June 2012 Kari and Kosi at Bendigo
June 2012 Michael with Kosi at Bendigo
June 2012 Kari on the farm. Bendigo.
June 2012 Kosi surveying the farm. Bendigo.
August 2012. Kosi after attaining his Rally Novice title.
September 2012. Kari after attaining her Rally Novice title.
September 2012. Kari with her 2 sons Kosi and Devil and Devil's Mum at a Rally Obedience trial.
Sept 12 Visiting Ch Kusco Blinkndare Topaz in Rockhampton
Sept 12 Ch Kusco Blinkndare Topaz - looking very much like her mother Kari.
Oct 2012. Kari being a showgirl at Mt Gambier. Photo by Champion Shots.
Oct 2012. Kosi in the Group lineup after winning Best of Breed at Mt Gambier. Photo by Champion Shots,
April 2013. Kosi at Birregurra surveying his domain.
June 2013 Kari and Kosi training for agility.
July 2013. Kosi after winning Aus Bred in Group at Wentworth.
August 2013Kari after winning Runner Up Best in Group.
August13 Kari winning Runner Up Best in Group at Ganmain. Photo by Your World Photography.
August 2013 Kosi after winning Aus Bred in Group.
August 2013 Kari after winning Open in Group
Sept 13 Aust Kelpie Club NSW Show. Kari and Kosi won Parent and Progeny
Oct13 Kosi practising being handsome.
Sept 13 Kari won Veteran In Show at Aust Kelpie Club of NSW Show.


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