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Kari at 11 months of age. Still a bit of growing to do.
Kari and Zoe the honorary kelpie sharing the heating duct on a cold winter day.
Kari at 18 months.
Kari in the country March 2008
Kari - beach belle Byron Bay May 2008
Kari on holidays at Byron Bay May 2008
Kari & Jan Queensland August 2008
Aust Ch Linbarlee Hondo HIT. See his achievements on the "puppies" page. This beautiful boy is the sire of the first Kusco litter. With thanks to his owners the Nalder family.
Kari and her newborn puppies Sunday 19th October 2008
Kari and the Dare Litter @ 1 week of age on 26th October 2008
Kari and the Dare Litter on 26th October 2008
Kari & her puppies 3/11/08
Just moved from the whelping box to playpen. Soooo exhausting 7/11/08
Kari & puppies in the playpen 9/11/08
The Dare litter enjoying their first breakfast. 11/11/08
Ready to be taken outside to play 14/11/08
Blue puppy 15/11/08
Puppies Red, Devil & Diva 15/11/08
Red puppy 15/11/08
Daredevil 15/11/08
Diva exploring the kennel 18/11/08
Daredevil & Blue 18/11/08
Green & Blue 18/11/08
Picnic lunch 18/11/08
Learning to play with toys 19/11/08
Exploring the garden 19/11/08
Should we jump? Diva & Red 19/11/08
Kari giving motherly advice 19/11/0819/11/08
Tug of War 24/11/08
Blue puppy 6 weeks old 30/11/08
Diva 6 weeks old 30/11/08. Every bit the showgirl already.
Red puppy 30/11/08
Time out 1/12/08
I know the ball's bit big but I'm growing. Blue puppy 3/12/08
Kari & puppies 5/12/08
Kari & Diva playing ball 5/12/08
Here's a nice soft pillow

The rug making team at work 9/12/08
Michael & puppies 13/12/08
Diva @ 8 weeks & about to be handed to her new Mum 14/12/08
Red & Green puppies playing 14/12/08
Green puppy 14/12/08
Green puppy 14/12/08
Red puppy now named "Red" planning a hose reconstruction 14/12/08
Blue puppy 14/12/08
Daredevil meeting his new parents 15/12/08
Green puppy now named "Kusco Daretobe Kosi" 15/12/08
Kosi(Green puppy) 15/12/08
Rudy (Blue) enjoying his first bath
Kosi and Red contemplating a paddle 18/12/08
Rudy (Blue) about to go to his new family 19/12/08
Red, just chilling out 19/12/08
Red- about to go home with his new Mum 20/12/08
Red in his new home playing with his new "sister" Tan.20/12/08
Kosi playing with Kari 21/12/08
Devil with his new Sister Tulla 22/12/08
Rudy with his new family 20/12/08
Kosi the flower child 26/12/08
Kosi & Devil meeting again after 2 weeks 27/12/08
DareDevil 27/12/08
We are brothers and so we share Kosi & Devil 27/12/08
Red meeting horses 1/1/09
Kari, Kosi & friend. Kosi's first play at the beach 10/1/09
Kosi relaxing 22/1/09
Kosi 22/1/09
Kosi at his first show 24/1/09
Kosi (4 months old)& Kari
Kari (LHS of photo) & Kosi April 2009
Kosi the snugglebun with Michael April 2009
Kosi 6 months of age. April 2009
Kari (RHS) & Kosi April 2009
Why are we outside?
Kosi after winning Minor Puppy in Group Sydney 2009
Kari & Kosi Byron Bay June 2009
Kari & Kosi enjoying their holiday in Byron Bay June 2009
Kosi anad Jan Byron Bay June 09
Last play for the day Byron Bay
Kari and Michael June 09


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