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Jan 18 Gr Ch/ Neut Ch Morkerbook Blazen Dare CCD RN winner of Neuter In Group
Jan 18 Callicoma Kuba Spice Winning BOB at KCC Park.
Feb 18 Callicoma Kuba Spice Class 1 - 2 in Obedience
Feb 18 Fun at the beach
Jan 17. The Kelpie Corner gang at KCC Park
Feb 18 Callicoma Kuba Spice at the beach
Feb 18 Callicoma Kuba Spice, winner of Puppy in Group at the Berwick Show.
March 2018 Kosi, posing as usual
April 2018 Kuba, now an Australian Ch.
April 2018. Interview for the Kelpie Centre at Casterton
June 2018 Kari, loving the beach. 12 yrs old and still a bundle of energy
June 18 Kari Neuter in Group at Yerong Creek.
Kari, Neuter in Group at Yerong Creek
June 18 Kari, Neuter in Show at Yerong Creek and thatís her Neuter Grand title.
July 18 Kusco Daredevil RN will be starting off as a showdog in the Neuter class at the age of 9 years.
Aug 18 Devil, Runner Up Neuter in Group. His first fringie.
Aug 18 Devil, rocking his show dog look.
Aug 18 Kosi at the farm
August 2018. Kari. Over 12 years old and rocking the grey chin.
August 2018 Kosi at the farm
September 2018. Devil after winning Neuter in Show at the Kelpie Specialty Show
September 2018. Kari after winning Neuter Bitch Challenge at the Kelpie Specialty Show
September 2018 Devil and one of his prizes from the Kelpie Show
November 2018. Devil after winning Best Neuter in Group at Daylesford.
April 19. This is the new member of our little show team. Morkerbook Saffire Night (Saffi).
April 2019. Miss Morkerbook Safire Night winning her first in group award.
May 2019 Kari and Saffi having fun at the beach
July 18 Saffi after winning Minor Puppy in Group
July 18 Saffi enjoying the morning sun
August 19Kari Best Neuter in Show at the Australian Kelpie Club Show
Aug 19 Saffi Minor Puppy in Show at the Australian Kelpie Club Show
Sept 19. Saffi after winning Minor Puppy in Group
Sept 19. Saffi meeting a new friend at the beach
Oct 19 Saffi gained her Australian Ch title.
Spring 2019. Saffi after winning Best Puppy in Group
Feb 20. Devil (Neut Ch Kusco Daredevil RN) still winning at over 11 years of age.
Nov 19 Devil on his way to winning Neuter in Show
Mar 20. Kari, still beautiful at nearly 14 years of age.
Mar 20. Saffi, posing as usual
April 20 Miss Saffi in her favourite state, wet through.
April 20. Devil and Saffi at the beach
April 20 Kari, her great granddaughter Saffi and son Devil having fun at the beach
April 20. Kari's 14th Birthday party.
April 20 Kari and Saffi
May20 Saffi and her 10 Kelpie friends
May 20 Saffi doing a bit of show training while we are all on an enforced break.
May 20 Saffi loves a tunnel
May 20 Another tunnel
June 20 a flying Saffi
June 20 Letís pose
July 20. Saffi. Letís dash and splash!
July 20. Sagan and Saffi
Sagan (Ch Callicoma Mudstone) will be the sire of Saffiís 1st litter.
Saffi and Sagan. They have been besties for ages.
August 2020. Dash and splash
Sep 20 Ch Morkerbook Saffire Night
Oct 20.Saffi was mated to Sagan (Ch Callicoma Mudstone)
Dec 20. The Moonlight Litter of 4 black and 2 Choc Pups arrived.
Feb 21 Mr Red and Mr Blue
Feb 21 Saffi and Blue, our keeper.
Mar 21. Kusco Moonlit Bluestone (Blue) won Baby Puppy in Group
Mar 21 Blue visiting his Uncle Devil
April 21 Blue after winning Baby Puppy in Group.
May 21. Saffi and Blue playing tug.
May 21. Blue getting his gaiting going at a show.
May 21. Lovely Saffi.
June 21. Blue posing at the beach.
June 21. Saffi and Blue at the farm
Aug21 Saffi checking herself out in the mirror
Aug 21 Blue. 8 months old
Oct 21 Blue, just posing
Nov 21. Blue proudly posing after winning Best Puppy in Group.
Nov21 Blue with Saffi and his Dad Sagan.
Dec 21. Blue on his way to winning Reserve Challenge Dog at the Kelpie Show.
Dec 21 Saffiís 3rd and Blue's 1st Birthday Party


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