My History with Kelpies

The first kelpie in my life belonged to family friends.  He was a beautiful black dog called Rasty who became my best friend from the day we met.  Rasty and I went on many adventures in the countryside.  He never left my side, somehow knowing that he was to protect me.  I was only about 10 at the time.

I did not have a kelpie of my own until I was an adult and she was a red working kelpie called Skippa.  She was a wonderful companion for over 15 years and competed in Obedience trials until she was 10.  Skippa was gentle and patient with children and totally part of the family.  After her death I needed time to get over it and ended up being 8 years without a kelpie.

I decided that I would like to show my next kelpie and thanks to Nelda & Sharon Morris of Morkerbook Kennels, Morkerbook Blazen Dare (Kari) came into my life in 2006.  Kari and I blundered our way through the first few months of showing, both of us on a steep learning curve.  Eventually we settled down and she earned her title at 13 months of age.  She started obedience training and over a few years gained her CCD title and RN title in Rally Obedience.  Kari has a lovely nature and is very sociable with people and other dogs.  She is an important part of our family and copes very well with city living.

  The first litter for Kusco Kelpies arrived safely in October 2008 (see photos and litters pages) and we decided to keep a boy - Kusco Daretobe Kosi.  He attained his championship title at just over 12 months of age and gained his Rally Obedience title RN.

The second Kusco litter arrived in November 2010 (see photos and litters pages) and one of the puppies, Kusco Blinkndare Topaz has gone to Bundaberg to join the Morkerbook Kennels showteam.

Our beautiful Kari remained a show dog for many years, loving strutting her stuff on a regular basis and  became first a Grand Champion and then became the first Kelpie in Australia to gain the title Neuter Grand Champion as well.

In early 2019 a granddaughter of Topaz, Morkerbook Saffire Night (Saffi), photo above, joined our family and show team and gained her Championship title at 9 months of age.  She has commenced Agility and Obedience training but unfortunately that has been put on hold because of the CoronaVirus situation.

Saffi plans to start her own family in late 2020.


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